The Significance Of Boat CE Marking

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Published: 14th April 2011
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If you have plans of buying a boat and sailing it on European waters, then you need to make sure that before you sail it on any European country, your boat should have the CE mark logo. This regulation applies in any country in continental Europe, as well as in the United Kingdom and Iceland. The CE mark logo serves as the proof that your boat meets the standards set by the European Unionís Recreational Craft Directive.

CE, or Conformit Europenne, is the official marking that is strictly required for products in Europe before they can be sold or commissioned into service in any part of the European continent. This CE marking logo helps prove to buyer that the product that he or she purchases is guaranteed safe and environment-friendly upon use.

As in the case of boats, aside from the European Directives, the Recreational Craft Directive should also approve the product or contraption. This means that before the boats are to be used, it has to meet the safety standards set by the directives, which includes the allowable emission of exhaust gas and the noise level made by the boat.

Boat CE marking, unfortunately, tends to be very expensive and the boat has to undergo reconstruction if chances are that it have failed to meet the standards. The CE mark does not just allow the boat to sail on any European territorial waters, but it also marks that the boat is safe and maintained.

Thus, be sure that before you purchase a boat, it should have undergone boat CE marking inspection and received the mark. Be wary and observant as well, as there are fake CE markings that fool consumers who are not familiar with the process of receiving the marking. Check every detail of the CE marking while shopping for a boat. The fake logo is used to fool customer on the quality of the product, so you have to make sure that the logo is authentic in order to purchase the right and safe boat.

Boat CE marking service is a process that is intended to make sure that the boat follows the regulations set strictly by European directives and is of good quality. Never believe a salesperson for any claim that the CE marking logo is just a legal formality to sail on European waters. Thus, make sure that you as for CE certification and have it checked by authorities and reputable CE marking consultants if you are having doubts on a boatís CE marking.

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