Reasons To Hire An Import/Export Consultant

Published: 07th February 2011
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Purchasing big-ticket products from overseas can be a very daunting and intimidating task. The vast distance inherent to the process coupled with possible language barriers offer some unique difficulties to overcome. Some of the more popular items that are regularly sold and transported internationally are boats, yachts and other luxury or recreational vessels. Despite their popularity, they are not immune to the unique challenges presented by import/export business transactions.

If you decide to purchase a boat from a foreign country, one way you can reduce the possibility of any headache-inducing mishap is to hire a professional import/export firm. There are companies who specialize in assisting consumers through the sometimes arduous process of purchasing premium products overseas. There are several ways they can be virtual life-savers if you are caught in an unfortunate bind.

A professional consultant is invaluable when it comes to the most nerve-wracking part of any transaction that requires a delivery: shipment tracking. Sailing port to port through a plethora of harbors in different countries with varying naval laws is a very delicate affair. Itís easy to lose track of the current status of your new boat in such a situation. Itís not uncommon for the arrival to be delayed substantially. An expert would be familiar with all the different regulations and techniques required to get your new purchase home swiftly and safely. He or she can apply that expertise to anticipating and solving potential problems before they become significant roadblocks.

Your assistance provider will also be able to track down and acquire all the proper documentation that the sale requires. This is important since global boat shipping leaves very little opportunity for a buyer to run after a vendor who was remiss in his duties.

Another invaluable service provided by import/export consultants is on-site inspection of the vessel. Many a buyer has been disappointed when the boat delivered by their chosen global boat shipping firm bears little resemblance to what they saw in its pictures. First hand examinations will ensure that customers will get exactly what they paid for.

Finally, familiarity with boat shipping international laws is crucial in maintaining the legality of your craft as it enters and exits different port authorities. A consultantís legal cognizance will save you from any possible fines or charges that may be levied against you or your property.

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