Advancement In Transportation and Effects of Globalization

Published: 07th January 2011
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In the last few decades, we have seen much advancement in transportation that our ancestors had never imagined possible. Transportation is one of the major things that man never stops to improve through the years, in line with technology, vertical structures, fashion and the like. This is probably because man has an insatiable desire to reach different places, even the impossible ones.

Over the years, manís genius has enabled him to create transports that can travel at high speed and great precision. From push carts, battery-electric or even water-generated cars are already out on the market. More developments in transportation are expected in the next ten years or more.

On the other hand, transports are getting bigger and bigger as demands for transportation get higher and expectations are becoming even more difficult to satisfy. Sea transports, for example, are evolving from the small boat that can carry few human passengers to large tankers that can transport oils and aircrafts. No one is overwhelmed enough to predict the next one.

The main reason we continue to invent bigger transports is simply globalization. Globalization requires countries to interact in one community in terms of economy, culture and society. This means that countries all over the world now begin to share as one global state to achieve a harmonious network of political ideas. This is done through global communication, transportation and business.

Because of this, nations have begun creating new ways of transportation, those that can travel internationally such as global boat shipping and international airway systems. With this advancement, bigger countries can meet the needs and demands of smaller countries and vice versa. This eventually slowly eradicates the idea of communism and starts promoting unified development among states.

Transportation advancements have become so prevalent that finding a boat shipping international or an international air transit is already familiar to commoners and more, yet costs have lowered indefinitely. On the contrary, these advancements have downbeats in terms of environmental hazards like oil spills and massive tragedies. However, this will not stop the trend in transportation. Instead, it will challenge crafters to develop their transports.

In the next 50 years, man is expected to invent new transports. From a boat shipping international or an aircraft rambling the atmosphere, riding a spacecraft may soon be as familiar to a commoner as riding a taxi.

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